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REACT DC and its partner organizations have identified a significant, unmet and urgent need for comprehensive gender-specific programs for Afghan women.  The vast majority of newly arrived Afghan women lack English proficiency, support and mentorship, and education, which impacts their ability to work.

We believe that the goal and objectives for REACTwomen's “Women’s Empowerment and Entrepreneurship” program are as follows:

Providing a collaborative effort for refugee women to gain self-sufficiency, employment,

and enabling them to take advantage of entrepreneurship opportunities in three ways:

  1. Personal & Professional Development: Support the development of the prerequisite skills necessary for self-sufficiency and employment

  2. Education & Capacity Building Programs: Educate the women through capacity building programs so they are prepared to enter the workforce

  3. Employment & Entrepreneurship: Build the women's capability for self-employment and entrepreneurship

Our core focus areas are health & wellness, education, cultural orientation, and entrepreneurship. Our team will support, educate, develop, and build confidence in all areas of life to help women flourish in their new communities. Through a 12–month schedule of social gatherings & workshops, support groups, trauma-informed yoga classes, ESL lessons, cultural orientation classes, microenterprise opportunities, seminars for leadership and confidence building, and more, REACTwomen guides women through an empowerment process to ensure they understand their rights and exercise their agency.

The REACTwomen program goal is to provide a path for refugee women to gain self-sufficiency and promote economic empowerment through a variety of collaborative programs. This program will roll out in September 2022 and include a broad coalition of organizations providing components of the program activities to maximize our collective resources.


Contact our Women's Program Manager at should you have any questions or want to get involved and watch this space and our Events Calendar for more details about upcoming events!

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