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Left Behind: U.S. Withdrawal from Kabul Left Thousands of Afghan Allies Behind

Jan 30, 2024

Timothy Torres: U.S. must keep promise to Afghan allies

Timothy Torres and Amy Marden join The Lead

REACT DC's Founder and President of the Board, Amy Marden, is throwing her support behind an important cause. Moral Compass Federation a coalition of non-profit organizations dedicated to addressing Moral Injury and supporting trusted Afghan partners, will be presenting crucial testimony to the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) on Wednesday, Jan. 31.

Event Details:
Date: Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2024
Location: House Foreign Affairs Committee

The committee will delve into the ongoing actions by the Taliban in Afghanistan, focusing on targeted killings and retaliatory actions against our American allies who remain in Afghanistan and surrounding countries.

"Our allies face complex challenges daily, and unfortunately, these challenges have led to atrocities and targeted killings. It's crucial for Congress to be informed and take necessary action to support our allies in crisis," shares Timothy Torres, Vice President and Executive Director of Moral Compass Federation (MCF).

Moral Compass Federation Testifying Members:
Amy Marden, Senior Advisor for Strategy and Operations, Moral Compass Federation
Elizabeth Lynn, Director of Government Relations, Operation Recovery
Michael A. Cizmar, Chief Financial Officer, Rafiq-Friends of Afghans and Project Exodus Relief
Joe Maida IV, NATO Afghan Justice Sector Group
Justin W. Sapp, Badger Six Board Member
Thomas Kasza, Executive Director, 1208 Foundation

Watch the interview at:

Let's unite and amplify the voices advocating for change! Use the hashtags: #MoralCompassFederation #OperationRecovery #1208Foundation #ProjectExodusRelief to spread awareness and support. Together, we can make a difference! #StandWithOurAllies #Afghanistan #HFAC #Advocacy #HumanRights #reactdc

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